Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow, school, IVs etc...

Hey everyone, I thought I'd update you on a bit more boring crap which you probably won't want to hear ha ha

Well things haven't been that good lately as I've caught my little sister A's virus, which is affecting me pretty nasty I'd say. I just started IV's (Toby and Marapelom, if that's the correct spelling) this Monday which went smoothly as I only had to stay in hospital for the night so they can do "observation" which is pretty pointless I say! 
It's quite frustrating really because I haven't really got back into a proper routine of going school. I did go back last Monday for the morning but I felt too tired and slept pretty much that morning so I texted Mum to pick me up as it was just pointless! I haven't been back since as I haven't felt well at all :-/ I'm so BEHIND my school work, I'm in sixth form still completing my year 11s work! But hopefully I'll be able to go back this Monday if we don't get "snowed in". 

I haven't really been up to much lately, just sat indoors and chilled as I haven't felt well at all, like I said. I got some wicked plans coming up though, one is I won some tickets to watch Britain's got Talent, I don't normally like that programme but it's something to do so I'm going to check that out in London and then hopefully in the evening go to George Canning, which is my favourite restaurant ever! I'm ever so thankful it's right by King's as I know I got somewhere to go and eat without having to worry about losing weight! The people who work there are so lovely, so if any of you guys ever go King's College or (Camberwell/Denmark Hill) do check it out! It's lush! 
Anyways that's about it really, just a quick update :-) 

Oh hope everyone is enjoying the snow! We haven't had snow at all, just thin layers which is gutted as I've been all hyped up thanks to my Mother!! But it's currently snowing now, so hopefully I'll wake up feeling fresh from the virus so I can go out and enjoy and be a big KID ;-) 

Ridiculously small TV! I need a magnifying glass to even get a clear picture :P oh and a photo of my Toby IV's :P 


  1. Love your blogs! Brilliant. Very interesting and inspiring. Keep up the blogging :) x x