Bucket lists

  •      Go New York City 
  •       See Calvin Harris in a concert (Wireless 2012) 
  •         Pass my theory test ✓ 
  •       Pass my Driving test 
  •      Skydive
  •      Bungee jump
  •      Take a gap year and go traveling
  •      Go on a girls holiday with my friends 
  •      Do A levels 
  •      Go to University (Preferably Sheffield Hallam or Kings' College London)
  •      Get a Golf VW   
  •      Get a part time job
  •      Take up more exercise 
  •      Go Australia and see my distant family 
  •      Do a career in Paramedic or somewhere along the Police Force (I'd need a segway to chase the criminals, running is not my friend) 


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