Friday, 20 September 2013

The wonderful life of a person with CF...

I thought I'd come up with a few things us wonderful people with CF endures during our life

  • Listening to your dietician moan at you how you are so skinny, need to put on more weight and along those line, yet you're thinking to yourself "Damn bitch, who's skinnier here, me or you? I think the answer is you" Don't we hate all those skinny ratty dieticians nagging at us?
  • Girls should be able to relate to this - Having to find a decent bra that will fit around our beautiful huge barreled chest, yup sadly not because we've got big boobies, unfortunately. 
  • Talking to one of your crush and then him/her ruining the perfect moment by pointing at your t-shirt and you look down and find your phlgem stained down, which you obviously didn't noticed. Awkward
  • Eating more than a obese person and still losing weight. The joy we go through
  • Getting stares of elderly people when we park in the disabled bay. "Love, our lungs don't work, not legs"
  • Having coughing fits in public and someone offering you some sort of cough medication. Bitch pls, if only that worked.
  • Eagerly wanting to punch someone that just moans and moans about having a cold, blood test or even gaining weight. Stfu pls
  • Having a coughing fit and then being nagged how we should stop smoking. Pft bitch pls, if only!

The weird & wonderful things that comes with people with CF - 

  • We come with a lot of added salt
  • When we laugh, we cough, we pee, we fart - Basically we're good at multi-tasking
  • Being blessed with those clubbed fingers that looks like ET's fingers
  • Some PwCF farts could possibly be used in Gas Chambers. I reckon it would be the best option. 
  • It's a must-do to flirt with the student doctors when you are hospitalized. This is what keeps us sane! Beautiful greek god looking doctors
  • PwCF can sound like a pop-corn factory exploding, shame we can't actually cough up popcorns or that would be amazballs.
  • Girls - where we aren't judged for our blowing skills we're applauded.

Jokes time!

At what station does the Creon get off at? St Pancreas

I went to a Cystic Fibrosis Charity fundraiser tonight, I'm so tight, though I didn't cough up anything.

Just a little light-hearted post I thought I'd do. If you got any other funny CF humors to put, please comment or tweet me via click on the twitter logo on the right hand side.

Credit goes to Sophie & Chantelle ;-)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hi guys! I'm bored

Hey! As my title says, I'm officially bored, so I've decided to update and write a post on this blog which I haven't updated since May so yeah...

I don't really know how to start of this post but I just though I'd explain about my summer holiday and what I've been doing...

So we've had about 6 weeks of for Summer, about 12 for me as I finished Mid - April! Longest, boring break I have ever had in my life, if I'm honest! I haven't really done a lot of interesting things, which is a shame as I had plently of times to do stuff... I did go on a Caravan Holiday with my family, and friends at the beginning of the Summer Holiday which was pretty fun apart from an accident when my Friend fell down the man-hole! Oops! It's been quite Hectic this Summer as I haven't lived at home for like two months nearly. The reason because of that is because my house is under-construction. It started off as a simple loft converstion but then my Dad got carried away and decided to completely strip out the second floor aswell and create 3 average size bedrooms so my two little sisters can have their own and not share in the future which is going well but it's taking forever so I can't wait to move back in... 
Another wicked thing that has happened is that I PASSED my driving test with 1 minor! Get in! 

I'll come to the CF side of things now - 
My health since May hasn't been the best of times. As I previously mentioned in my other post, I was currently undergoing transitioning to Adults care, which I was kind of Dreading and to be honest, I wished I transferred over last year when I was debating about it! Peads are awful compare to Adults, well that's what I think! 
The day I transitioned Adults, I got admitted straight away as they were worried about my low lung function, to be honest, I wasn't worried as I was getting used to that numbers and the fact that Peads never really did anything about it, I was a bit shocked to be admitted straight away. So I went in two days later after I had my Choclear Impants appointment (I'll talk about that afterward) I was nervous about being on a new ward, meeting different staff and the CF team but I settled in quite well. I caught a cold as soon I went in so I was in for nearly 4 weeks. I came out with oxygen overnight which was a bit of a shock too, I was VERY annoyed with that because it prevented me from being able to go on holiday abroad to meet my friends.
 First time my health has stopped me from wanting to do something I like, never happened to me before so I wasn't happy about that as you can imagine. 
But yeah, over the summer I wasn't feeling great but kept pushing IV's as I felt I couldn't do it at home due to circumstances of my house being under-constrution so I tried to wait till it was finished (which it is still not!) but I'm currently back in hospital now. 
This admission, the plan was to re-do my sleep study and hopefully get off the oxygen because I'd like to see if it's any better, but I have had a step back last week which invovled in me thinking I was having a heart attack (Seriously, that chest pain was so bloody awful, I was drugged up on morphine and tramadol) I also been on the o2 24/7 for about a week now, but I managed to take it off this morning so hopefully it'll stay like that. The chest pain is quite incredibly painful today so I'm keeping myself topped up on Tramadol.
Anyway, that's it for CF now :) 

I'll update this post later, I'm pretty knackered so I'm just gonna end it for now. Cyaa!