Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's February already?!

Hey everyone,
Hope it's all going well with y'all and that you're sticking to your new years resolutions ;-) 

How's everyone liking the new make-over?! To be fair, I quite like it because it's plain and I'm not the most creative person so I'm quite proud with the header that I personally created! ;-) There is a minor mistake on the header which you guys probably already have noticed! :P For those who haven't noticed, the title is suppose to say "Spazzy & Fabulous" rather than Spazious because Spazzy and Fabulous together kinda mingled and makes the word Spazious, well in my mind it does! Also the quality is very shit but I can't seem to make it look clearer...
I also thought I'd mention this because everyone seems to ask why I have chosen "Spazious Sophie" I haven't exactly got a clue why but to be fair, I quite liked the fact because Spaz & Fabulous connects well ;-) and makes Spazious therefore Spazious Sophie looks very um interesting. But I also don't like over-used words that other people uses like "Sixty Five Roses" and all sorts so you know?

I don't really update very much because I tend to not have anything interesting to say but hopefully I can make this blog much more interesting starting now...

I haven't really done anything quite interesting lately which is poo, though I did get a job interview at this milkshake shop which I was hoping to get because they own a hut down the beach and just to think nothing is more perfect than getting paid to tan right?! ;-) Unfortunately I didn't get the job, but to be honest I'm glad I still got an interview from them as no one ever seems to accept me, so it gave me a clear aspect of what to expect when I next go to an interview. Blame my rubbish grammar and spelling on my CV ;-)

I'm also still waiting for my driving license to be sent back to me which is a pain in the arse because it was a struggle to get it due to them being nosey bastards and sending medical forms to be written forth and back, but hopefully I will get it soon!

Anyway, CF-wise

I did managed to finished IV's two weeks ago which is brilliant because I found it very annoying as it's in a bit of an awkward place so I keep forgetting it's there after nearly a year without one so can't blame me! I gotta' be grateful though as the last two ports were just absolutely shit if I'm honest so yeah... I had local CF clinic today which I trekked myself (mission with a heavy school bag) It was a bit weird as I normally have my Mum with me and she normally answers all the Q's and knows all my medications by heart whereas I don't unless they mention the name as I'm not good at holding long grammatical words :P
Overall I think it went alright, I'm happy that they seemed to listen to me this time and took noticed that my back does hurt and affects my school work due to lack of concentration and also I got to have a bone density scan possibly just to rule out whatever it is but I'm hoping it's just a small minor muscles thing that can be solved easily :) Though my lung function has dropped quite a lot in the last two weeks, I haven't felt well since last week so it's no wonder why, so I'm on orals (Thank god Dr changed his mind after thinking about admitting me in!!) so lets hope that works :) I'm on some orals for my sinuses too as I have noticed it has gotten really bad lately that I'm sniffing like a pig all the time and it gets even worst when I'm stressed or nervous and I'm always stressed out at school so not a nice image!

Anyway, I'm gonna end this boring post once again

PS. GUYS, it would be a massive help if you could maybe provide an idea of what I could talk about on my next post, it would be great! Feel free to TWEET me questions or even post below on the box :-) 

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