Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! ;-)

Well I want to start off by saying Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all have a wicked one :-)  

I'm starting to lack in motivation in writing a post on this Blog because I generally don't have much to say unless you just want to hear random craps, which you guys probably don't ha ha! But I'll try and make it interesting as possible :P 

I got to admit that this Christmas is probably going to be one of the best in years for many reasons. It is like one of the first time in a long time that I have not been ill over Christmas which is brilliant as last year Christmas wasn't too good, well it was, but the days before that was just horrendous. Basically what happened what, I was admitted to A&E quite late at night a week before Christmas because I was coughing up quite a lot of fresh blood which was scary as I was generally feeling fine beforehand and only just come home from going out with a Friend. Anyway, the next day I can't remember much to be honest, just sleeping a lot as I wasn't feeling to good. To shorten this story, I then was admitted to King's for a few days of IVs to try and get me better for Christmas day and also Skiing which we was unsure whether I could go or not. I was then finally discharged the day before Christmas Eve which was the best thing ever as I was worried I was going to miss my little sister A's first Christmas!

 This Christmas will be the best as it's the first time I'm not ill over Christmas day in a few years and also I'm looking forward to seeing my little sister A reaction to a lot of presents as she's now at the age where she can open presents (with a bit of help!) and kind of understand what's going on, whereas last year she was only 4 months, so just a tiny little girl! 

I haven't really been doing much as I have had a cold which kind of turned into a Chest infection so I was pretty much stuck indoors, doing nothing! BORING. I had CF clinic the other week which was okay I guess :-) They had a bit of a scare and thought I have grown burkholderia ceapia (Not the correct spelling!) but it has turned out I haven't which is brilliant! I didn't do lung function because they didn't want to do one in case it wasn't accurate and to not disappoint myself. My weights were fine, they have improved since I was in King's so that's all good :-) I got IVs in January which I kinda expected so that's fine! Also Paddy the Port had a drink (aka port flush) I was pretty nervous as since my first port became infected, I have grown a bit of fear of port needles! Chuck me cannula's and picc lines, I'm okay, but port needles scare me! I'm just weird! ;-) But oddly enough, it didn't hurt and I didn't have to pinch the area! Yes, I always pinch near the port, to near that the nurses get annoyed 'cause they can't access hahaha! 

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it in the previous post, but I have had to stop doing driving lessons! Waaah! :'( This is because DVLA have made a massively stupid mistake and put my driving licence invalid till next year which meant I have been driving around illegally, even thought when I first started, they said I was legal to drive to my driving instructor. So I gotta send off my driving licence and wait for them to make it valid so I can do my theory's! Boring.

Well that's pretty much it as I wasn't going to do a post till after Christmas so yeah :P

Oh, can I just say something? Because it's New Years Eve coming up, fresh start and new year. Why not sign up for Organ Donation? There are many people out there waiting for new organs to start a fresh new life and year! So please please do a generous thing and go on and sign up! Be a hero!  

Don't be prepared to receive if you're not prepared 
to give! 

Soph x

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