Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just an update

I haven't really managed to get a chance to update my blog as I promised I'd do fortnightly... I just don't really know what to mention as I assume people would get sick of hearing same stuff over and over, but I thought I'd just give a quick update on what I have been up to really... 

Well as some of you may remember (If you have read my previous posts) I was in King's for a while for a port a cath insertion and also for some boost to get me better a couple a weeks ago... Well I came home about a month ago now. Good thing was I managed to get my lung function up to 43% which is brilliant as I haven't hit that since Juneish (I like to keep track of every single lung function to see how it's going) and considering I had an operation that's even more bloody brilliant! I got given a NIP or NIV, I don't know which one it is but it seems alright... It's like a non inventilated nippy or something that I should be using for my Physio. I absoultley hate it! It forces air in your lungs, way bit too much for my liking, so afterward my breathing tend to feel strange!

I also been told I cannot do skydiving because it's too risky and can cause trauma to my lungs apprentley, but I know what I'm like, I don't ever listen to the CF Team about things like that... So I'm hoping to sky dive soon as it's an amazing experience and i love the adrenaline attack you get haha so why not + it sounds just so exciting thinking about jumping out the plane and free fall, (well I do want the parachute for the landing!)

I haven't really done much since I have been back. I did promised myself I'd exercise more when I get back, but I guess that went out the window... Oops... I always say to myself I will do it soon, but I always push it because I dread it! It's not the nicest experience for me. But now I've got a membership, I'm going to try start going to the gym and possibly swimming as that was my favourite exercise as a child! I've had a minging cold that I seem to not managed to shift as it's gone to my chest, it's weird as in the morning I wake up like ill and rough then in the afternoon I feel much better, so annoying! I'm possibly having IV's again this week or next week if I cannot shift this cough so hopefully that'll help 'cause i don't want to go in hospital at all near Christmas like last year, (I was let out the day before Christmas eve "phew") so yeah...

Anyway that's all for now to be fair, I'll update more often with more interesting things to say :P

Soph x

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