Monday, 18 March 2013

Mad March

Heeeeeello guys, hope y'all is alright :-) 

Sorry I haven't been really updating as I haven't really thought of what to say but I just decided I'll say a load of random shit as pair as usual 

As you probably remembered that I was currently studying my theory test (as I previously mentioned on the "Wish me luck" post... Well I failed my theory test by two points on hazard perception which you probably could imagine my disappointment in as I honestly thought after all that time I spent studying, I'd at least pass, but not I failed lol... I have re booked it for this Saturday coming and I'm definitely positive that I'll pass this time! Fingers crossed aye! 

I haven't really been doing much lately as I have been feeling like a piece of shit with my breathing being messed up which was a bit weird as normally if I'm breathless just resting and stuff, it tend to be because I am very chesty due to a chest infection or virus, whatever it is but this time I felt clear but I just knew I wasn't feeling the best of the world as it was just tiring me out so yeah I just been taking it easy really... Though I have recently been helping my best-mate at her work place (an Indian takeaway) which involve in eating all their poppadoms, getting free curries, and messing up phone calls!! No, I'm kidding but yeah free food is the best, and also something to look good on my CV ;-) hopefully will get me a better chance of getting a job once my studies have gotten out the way for the summer :-) 

I had my joint clinic (Last one ever in pead, boo! :-( -) which went pretty okayish, I'm not going to like give a summary of what's been said or so but yeah it was just pretty the same as what was expected. But I am starting IV's this coming Monday and I'm trying a new antibiotic which I'm pretty sure I've never had before as I can't really tolerate ceftz or colomycin IVs (We're not sure which one yet) as I had an episode last year of feeling drunken and horrible numbing of the face so we stopped that for now and also Toby IV's aren't so good as most of you know I am deaf so that messes my hearing up extraaaa more! 

I thought I'd mention that I'm moving to adults care next month toward the end of may which I'm not looking forward to now as I have heard some pretty negative stuff about the place but I need to go and see it all for myself before I can make an judgement of what I think so yeah I'm a bit impatient...

Anyway, have you guys heard of Ben Mudge? 

If so, I thought I'd give him a little shout out on my blog as he is inspiring and you all should defiantly check him out! 

He has Cystic Fibrosis, like me, but he is proving that you can do ANYTHING, and by that is Ben is an irish professional sponsored athletic which is amazing as it is very hard work to become one but to add on CF on the top of that, that's a tremendous amount of dedication and motivation into what he has put :-) So he is controlling Cystic Fibrosis, not the other way! 
Ben also bringing awareness into the industry and that's brilliant as the more awareness we get, the better! 

So if you guys want to check him out and give him supports or even ask him questions which I am sure he will happily would answer some! Follow him on Twitter - Ben Mudge (I sound like some sort of advertising agency, but I'm really not!) 

PS. Ladies, just goes to show that not all CF lads are skinny and small haha! ;-) We do have a "greek god!" in the CF community aka Ben... hahaha I should stop now! :-P 

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