Saturday, 20 October 2012

First post!

Well well well, I've always looked at other people's blog and thought to myself "Why don't I do a blog about myself" but thought no one would ever really want to read about it... But I just thought why not go ahead and give it a try :) so here it is... First blog is a bit of a nerve wracking as you don't know when to start, what to say and many things! So firstly, I'm going to explain a bit about of my self :) All about me - I'm called Sophie, and I am 16 years of age. I have Cystic Fibrosis and I also have bilateral hearing, hence why my title says Spazious Sophie because I may be a spaz but I'm still fabulous! ;) I currently go to sixth form which I'm retaking my Math's and English due to being unwell for a long period of time in Year 10/11 which prevented me from being able to come into school and study hard and also I'm catching up on some of the coursework that I should have completed in Year 11. Anyway enough of that boring stuff! I wanted to create a blog because I'm currently in hospital, and thought to my self that I'm bored and would like something to do to share my experience! A blog it is... I've thought about posting about improving my health, just generally talking stuff I want to share with you guys and give you an insight of my life dealing with Cystic Fibrosis and how I cope with my rubbish hearing at the same time as it seems everyone don't understand I do not have it easy! 

For now I thought I'd tell you a bit about me and CF...

I was diagnosed with CF at the age of 2, on my Mum's 18th birthday! Not exactly the best present I gave her lol... I was generally well during my childhood though I did spend a long period of times in hospital but during primary school I was pretty healthy. I was always going swimming, to be honest I practically lived in the swimming pool I swear! I used to love playing football, frisbee and bike rides but that kind of stopped when I started secondary school. I don't really like the "Mild CF, Moderate, or Severe CF" because some people cope with CF differently and CF does varie! I think I'm generally doing quite well with my CF considering my lung function is quite low (around high 30/40's) because I feel I can do quite a lot of stuff even though I am suffering inside but I do try and push myself. 
Throughout the years, I do tend to have regular IV's, which I mostly do at home. I could go 2 months, 3 months and 4 months but it varies and depends on how I am feeling. I avoid Gentamicin IV'S I do not want to become any more deafer thank you lol.  I do try and do some exercise but I have been lacking in exercise lately because I haven't felt that particually well and just find it hard during exercise... I don't get the "positive vibes" I used to get when I used to go the the gym a lot. I guess my body think exercise is a bad thing! It's hard but I will start exercising more soon! I do take quite a lot of treatment to keep my CF maintained and stuff... This consist of doing Physiothapry twice a day (I use a PEP mask), which I cough up phluem (bleugh!) and clear my airways... I do nebulizers (Tobi and Promixin - Alternative monthly - and Dnase), I also take quite take oral antiobotics and vitamins everyday, sometime up to about 50 tablets including my Creons (Theses are to help to digest your food because the mucus tend to block the enzymes) if I remember to take them!! I don't really have problems with my weights. I did when I was a child but then I started to have Creons and that did the wonder! So I am quite lucky my weight is stabled and perfectly normal... Enough of this shit now... I'll explain later

I will be blogging posts about my transition from paediatric CF team to Adults CF team. I have also set a goal to try to improve my health because in the past year or so it has deteriorated so I want to start exercising and prove to people you can try to improve your health with a such a low lung function (Let's hope I do get my arse in gear and boost back in to the 50's!) I'd like to try to show progress and things :) Also gives an insight for my friends who seem to be clueless about my CF! :) I'll be talking about a lot of shit in general really but it's your choice weather you want to read or not.

Thanks for reading

Soph xx


  1. Loving your blog so far...can't wait to read more :)
    Sophie, from London

  2. Thanks for taking time to share with us Sophie. God bless you and all of your fabulousness! HUGS from a CF momma.
    Leslie Crouse

  3. hey sophie! My name is Katrine, I have CF too I'm 20 years old and going to college part time. I have a blog on blogger too but I haven't written on it in so long :P I tend to write when I'm really blue so I admire what your doing. You can always contact me if you want a CF friend :)

  4. Sophie love your first blog thing its great darling :-) xxxx

  5. Thank you guys for your lovely comments!

  6. love your blog sophie. keep it up!

  7. An amazing blog from such an insperational teenager.. Keep it up kido i bet your mum and dads soooo proud of you xxx

  8. love it continue with it love u lots aunty hanpan xxxxxxxxxxxx