Friday, 20 September 2013

The wonderful life of a person with CF...

I thought I'd come up with a few things us wonderful people with CF endures during our life

  • Listening to your dietician moan at you how you are so skinny, need to put on more weight and along those line, yet you're thinking to yourself "Damn bitch, who's skinnier here, me or you? I think the answer is you" Don't we hate all those skinny ratty dieticians nagging at us?
  • Girls should be able to relate to this - Having to find a decent bra that will fit around our beautiful huge barreled chest, yup sadly not because we've got big boobies, unfortunately. 
  • Talking to one of your crush and then him/her ruining the perfect moment by pointing at your t-shirt and you look down and find your phlgem stained down, which you obviously didn't noticed. Awkward
  • Eating more than a obese person and still losing weight. The joy we go through
  • Getting stares of elderly people when we park in the disabled bay. "Love, our lungs don't work, not legs"
  • Having coughing fits in public and someone offering you some sort of cough medication. Bitch pls, if only that worked.
  • Eagerly wanting to punch someone that just moans and moans about having a cold, blood test or even gaining weight. Stfu pls
  • Having a coughing fit and then being nagged how we should stop smoking. Pft bitch pls, if only!

The weird & wonderful things that comes with people with CF - 

  • We come with a lot of added salt
  • When we laugh, we cough, we pee, we fart - Basically we're good at multi-tasking
  • Being blessed with those clubbed fingers that looks like ET's fingers
  • Some PwCF farts could possibly be used in Gas Chambers. I reckon it would be the best option. 
  • It's a must-do to flirt with the student doctors when you are hospitalized. This is what keeps us sane! Beautiful greek god looking doctors
  • PwCF can sound like a pop-corn factory exploding, shame we can't actually cough up popcorns or that would be amazballs.
  • Girls - where we aren't judged for our blowing skills we're applauded.

Jokes time!

At what station does the Creon get off at? St Pancreas

I went to a Cystic Fibrosis Charity fundraiser tonight, I'm so tight, though I didn't cough up anything.

Just a little light-hearted post I thought I'd do. If you got any other funny CF humors to put, please comment or tweet me via click on the twitter logo on the right hand side.

Credit goes to Sophie & Chantelle ;-)

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  1. Hi,
    This made me chuckle, all these things are so true! I have CF and can really relate to all of these, thanks for making my day. i have just started a blog called 'Forever Counting Creon' do you have any tips for me about blogging?

    Ellie x